Melissa Harrell

I'm an artist-designer that specializes in watercolor and acrylic painting with a love of lettering and design. I paint portraits (people, churches, houses, animals) and floral art. I absolutely LOVE creating!

My career started with a BS from UTK, I then went on to various art schools in Nashville to New York City to follow my passion of art & design. I've been doing graphic design and different forms of art for many years. Art has always been a part of my life, even as a little girl. I'm even a crafter, I truly love it all! 

These days, I love spending time hiking the mountains with my husband and raising my 3 little girls, 7 year old Minka, and my 4 year old twins; Olive & Eve. Any time that I can find, you will find me in my dining room art studio painting. Thank you for wanting to know a little more about me! See more about me and my work in progress on my Instagram (click the camera icon at the bottom of the page).